Saturday, July 17, 2010

Meet Harold~*~

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Meet Harold~*~

Harold is ready for Fall~A bit early.
Harold is 3 ft.tall
Made of Muslin~ Painted, Stained,Sanded.
Face is painted.
Rusty Bells and Rusty Safety Pins adorn him.
Has tea stained gauze and large tag.
3 layers of star matrial make his garland around neck and hat.
Harold hangs on a door or whatever you choose.
$60.00 includes shipping
E~mail me if you likie.
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~*~ Homer the Punken ~*~

Meet ~*~Harold~*~
He is ready for ~Harvest~ a bit early..
Harold is 3 feet long~ He is a Biggie.
Made of Muslin, painted and stained.
Rusty Bells on his hat and end of his stocking, Rusty Safety Pins on stocking.
Face is painted on.
Harold ~Loves~ his hat .
3 layers of star material, gathered around neck and hat.
Gauze ~with a Large tag.
Hangs on door..
~My Hands are Tired & My Heart is Happy~
He was fun to make
$55.00 includes shipping.
E~Mail me if interested
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